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Dietetics & Clinical Nutrition

Personalized Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services at Jagrani Hospital

The Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Department at Jagrani Hospital offers personalized nutrition services tailored to meet the unique dietary needs and health goals of each individual. Our team of registered dietitians, nutritionists, and clinical specialists provide evidence-based nutrition therapy and education to promote optimal health, manage medical conditions, and prevent nutrition-related complications.

Comprehensive Nutrition Services

We offer a wide range of nutrition services to address various health concerns and conditions, including:

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy: Our registered dietitians provide personalized medical nutrition therapy for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, gastrointestinal disorders, and obesity, helping to manage symptoms, improve outcomes, and enhance quality of life.
  • Weight Management Programs: We offer comprehensive weight management programs tailored to individual needs, incorporating dietary assessment, meal planning, behavior modification, and lifestyle counseling to achieve sustainable weight loss or weight maintenance goals.
  • Sports Nutrition: Our sports nutrition specialists provide expert guidance and support for athletes and active individuals, optimizing dietary intake to enhance athletic performance, promote recovery, and prevent sports-related injuries.
  • Pediatric Nutrition: We offer specialized nutrition counseling and support for infants, children, and adolescents, addressing growth and development needs, feeding challenges, and nutritional deficiencies to promote optimal health and well-being.
  • Geriatric Nutrition: We provide nutritional assessment and support for older adults, addressing age-related changes in metabolism, appetite, and nutrient absorption, and optimizing dietary intake to prevent malnutrition, frailty, and chronic disease.
  • Clinical Nutrition Support: We offer enteral and parenteral nutrition support for patients unable to meet their nutritional needs orally, including those with gastrointestinal dysfunction, swallowing disorders, or undergoing medical treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy.

Evidence-Based Practice

Our Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Department follows evidence-based practice guidelines and standards of care to ensure the highest quality of nutrition services. Our registered dietitians stay abreast of the latest research and developments in the field of nutrition and translate scientific evidence into practical recommendations and interventions for our patients.

Individualized Care Plans

We believe in a personalized approach to nutrition care, recognizing that each individual has unique dietary preferences, cultural backgrounds, medical histories, and lifestyle factors that influence their nutritional needs and behaviors. Our team works collaboratively with patients to develop customized nutrition care plans that are realistic, achievable, and sustainable, empowering patients to make informed choices and take control of their health.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration

We collaborate closely with other healthcare providers, including physicians, nurses, therapists, and social workers, to provide integrated, multidisciplinary care for our patients. We communicate regularly with members of the healthcare team to coordinate treatment plans, monitor progress, and address any nutrition-related concerns or issues that may arise during the course of care.

Patient Education and Empowerment

In addition to providing nutrition counseling and support, we emphasize patient education and empowerment, equipping patients with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to make healthy food choices, navigate dietary challenges, and adopt sustainable lifestyle habits. We offer educational materials, resources, and tools to help patients set realistic goals, track progress, and maintain long-term success.

The Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Department at Jagrani Hospital is committed to providing personalized nutrition services to support the health and well-being of our patients. Whether you require medical nutrition therapy, weight management support, sports nutrition guidance, or pediatric or geriatric nutrition counseling, you can trust our experienced team to deliver expert care tailored to your individual needs. Your health and nutritional goals are our top priorities, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal wellness through the power of nutrition.